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UBIE BOX boost on Cloud

how does it work

Ubie links your Internet of Things devices with each other and with KNX & Qbus Home and Building automation systems giving you a full CLOUD interface.
Via the plug & play UbieCloud interface, different automation systems and Internet of Things devices can be operated and controlled as though they were just one single system. read more
Of course all are controlled from your already installed smart switches or from anywhere in the world, via any smart phone, tablet, PC or even Apple Watch. New actions such as creating scenarios, clocktimes, sending e-mails and text messages (on alarms) or linking outputs via logic can easily be done by the end user using cloud.

KNX Installations
Ubie creates a link between your KNX installation and UbieCloud application. UbieCloud allows the user to operate his KNX installation, set clock times, scenes and alarms, manage users etc. via any smart phone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world.
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Integrate your Sonos system into a Qbus or KNX installation or simply with other smart appliances.
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Philips Hue
Integrate your Philips Hue lighting into a Qbus or KNX installation or have the lighting dance on your playlist.
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Qbus Installations
The Qbus protocol is also supported by Ubie. Ubie can be used to connect smart appliances and also KNX systems with Qbus.
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