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Ubie links your Internet of Things devices with each other and with KNX & Qbus Home and Building automation systems giving you a full CLOUD interface.
Via the plug & play UbieCloud interface, different automation systems and Internet of Things devices can be operated and controlled as though they were just one single system.
Of course all are controlled from your already installed smart switches or from anywhere in the world, via any smart phone, tablet, PC or even Apple Watch. New actions such as creating scenarios, clocktimes, sending e-mails and text messages (on alarms) or linking outputs via logic can easily be done by the end user using cloud.

Plug & Play installation

Connect the power cable to Ubie. Connect the network cable to Ubie and to the router. Ubie will now start up and connect automatically to UbieCloud. During the start-up phase the LED-line will be orange, once the Ubie is successfully connected with UbieCloud, the LED-line will be blue.

Register on UbieCloud

In order to use UbieCloud, you need an account. Once registered, you can add your Ubie to UbieCloud.

Add smart devices.

Ubie will automatically add all smart devices it knows. Hence the Philips Hue lamps and the Sonos music players will be added, but also the home and building automation systems such as Qbus and KNX will be detected.

You're in control

Visualise all devices together as if it were one system, create links between different devices, make scenarios, activate outputs based on clocks, manage users, send e-mails and text messages,... With UbieCloud, this is child's play.