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Building automation systems, smart buildings, smart homes, energy metering systems, busbar
bus conductor bar, bus duct which supplies exclusively in Greece and supported by our company.
It is valuable to know that in the end everything will work exactly as you want without ... surprises.
It is valuable to know that in the future there will always support and of course ... a direct response.

Building Automation products, supplied and supported by our Company :
Deos AG, Germany
Building Management System - BMS
Exclusive Distributor in Greece
MDT Technologies, Germany
Instabus, KNX, EIB
Official Distributor in Greece
Circutor, Spain
Measuring energy systems
Exclusive Distributor (EMS) in Greece
Qbus, GE, Belgium
Building Automation Systems
Exclusive Distributor in Greece
Greengate, England
Energy Management & Control Lighting
Exclusive Distributor in Greece
iLight, England
Architectural Lighting Systems
Exclusive Distributor in Greece
EAE bus bars, bus ducts
EAE busbars
(Busbars Bus Duct)
Exclusive Distributor in Greece

KNX Partner from 2001
EIB Instabus
Building Automation Systems
Certified knx Partners
Woertz cables
Woertz, Swiss
Smart power distribution cables
Exclusive Distributor in Greece
Lithoss, Belgium
Premium bus switches
Authorized Distributor in Greece
CJC, Belgium
Premium bus switches
Exclusive Distributor in Greece

Smart Buildings

Everything under control.

Has your house got the ability to wake up every morning with you?
Just like you? If you think this is a time of the distant future…then think again.

It is daily routine for "Smart Homes".

Their owners, automatically, with the touch of a button, or selecting from a touch screen are able to control, plan, and regulate many of their homes functions, whilst they are sitting miles away on holiday. With the proper use of automation, owners can save energy, make it difficult for a burglar to break in (closing all blinds, shutters whilst turning on all lights), turn on the water heater or central heating from their mobile phone simply be sending an SMS, or even water their plants whilst on holiday.

... upgrading our quality of life.

Smart Homes can initiate a series of actions such as, automatically adjust the interior temperature, raise shading canopies (to prevent them from ripping during a windy day), simulate movement in the house by turning on and off lights and blinds during our absence, (discouraging burglars), or simply inform the owner about the residence condition over the internet (temperature, sunshine, rain, wind, water supplies, petrol supplies, shutter status, cameras and anything else you can imagine). Detectors for, motion, smoke, rain, wind and flood, aid the Smart Home to initiate actions according to the scenario it has been programmed to follow. At the same time the Smart Home can be programmed in such a way so that in combination with bioclimatic design, the building can save energy, or improve the standard of living it provides.

It's Smart and Simple ...

  • It's Smart to want to leave our house and with a "click" to turn off all lights, blinds, stove, water heater, to activate the heating level to antifreeze, to activate the "living simulation" in our residence (we wont ever need to wonder again whilst driving to work, whether or not we have turned everything off…).
  • It's Smart o wake up in the morning and with a "click" to open all blinds (in the whole residence except other bedrooms), to unlock the front door etc. All I have to do is wake up and the house will wake up with me...
  • It's Smart when I am away, to send an sms from my mobile phone in order to turn on the heating, water the plants, or just turn on the pathway lights and the garage door, for when I arrive in my car!
  • It's Simple via the wireless screen to choose the music I desire in my bedroom, whilst the children have their own music of choice playing in their bedroom, and my wife has her own playing in the livingroom.
  • It's Simple for the system to automatically notify me with an sms when there is an emergency (alarm system activated, smoke alarm, flood, power cut) or to just notify me when my oil supply is down!!!. Furthermore it can initiate a series of actions such as, to cut the water off during a flood, cut the power off during a fire, or to turn the lights off and on during a burglary (interior land exterior lights).
  • It's Smart to incorporate solar heating to our system in order for it to automate adjustments so that we get maximum thermal energy at all times without us having to do anything! It will always act on its own, and only in the case of malfunction will it notify us.
  • It's Simple when going to bed with one "click" to close all the blinds in the house, lock all entrances, activate the alarm system, set the heating in the living areas (living room – kitchen – basement) to "low-17°C" and have it turn off all remaining lights in the house 10 minutes after I have gone to my bedroom. Its that simple, so effortless.
  • It's Smart and Simple κduring the night for the hallway or bathroom lights to turn on as soon as they detect our movement.
  • It's Simple or the system to automatically turn on all exterior / garden lights when the ambient photometry shows dusk, and turn them all off when ambient photometry shows dawn. It's Simple for the system to raise all canopies when the there is danger the wind might rip them.
  • It's Smart when during the night I perceive suspicious noises to be able to cause general illumination across my property with one "click" of a button next to me bed, or even activate panic scenarios (e.g. immediate camera recordings, activating automatic phone call to a close relatice).
  • It's Smart and economical to have the system provide heating during the night only to the bedrooms (electronically controlled with sensors per room) whilst the rest of the house remains in the conservation area temperature. The opposite can be programmed to occur during the day. (It is estimated from existing houses with our Smart Home installations – that only from this day/night factor they have saved the entire Smart Home installation budget in the first 2-4 years!!!)
  • It's Simple to create my own "scenarios" and with a touch screen or switch, the house to perform any combination, sequence of reactions of my desire (I can proceed from the living room to THE dining room with my guests - when dinner is ready -with a gradual up / down dimming in these areas).
  • It's Smart if I change my mind (after 1 week/month/year) and wish for a different scenario or function…in just 30 minutes to program the system without any further intervention.

    It's Smart and Simple if I want to extend my system to be able to do so without costly electrical installations, simply add-on to the system in the electrical house board and program!!!

    All the above do not necessarily mean an increase in the electrical installation budget. On the contrary, in new buildings it can even lead to a cost reduction. In certain situations the cost estimate can be reduced to that of an ordinary kitchen installation. Additionally we would like to recall the fact that our company chooses the best quality, the most complete drivers, and the optimal price, as well providing the cd with the programming software to our client. The conventional electrical installation, the conventional way in which we controlled our house, in which we lived within it belongs to the past.

    Our company has supplied and implemented installations in luxury residencies, as well as business premises. You detail the needs and functions you want the system to perform. Leave the rest to us.

    With the guarantee & project support from our company your Smart Home can become a reality.
    It's important to know that in the end everything will operate as ordered without any ...surprises.
    It's important to know that in the future your home will always be supported by experts and ofcourse ...with instant response.