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What is Wibeee?

Wibeee is a consumption analyzer (single-phase or three-phase), which uses a Wi-Fi wireless connection for obtaining electrical data to facilitate decision-making when it comes to understanding the use of electrical energy.

The unit can be attached to any part of the installation, which helps you to detect any problematic points where energy is not being used efficiently, thus making a significant contribution to the reduction of energy consumption via the remote activation of alarms when the desired limits are surpassed.

In short, Wibeee is the ideal tool to make your electrical installations efficient, for finally taking control and deciding where to spend your money. Finally, a device with personality. Wibeee displays everything you couldn't see before.

Once connected via Wi-Fi, you can immediately access the instantaneous data using your smartphone, tablet or PC, which allows you to view your electrical consumption in real time. In addition, Wibeee also sends all of the data to a server in the cloud server so that you can view and compare the various past consumption logs in a user-friendly manner.

With Wibeee you will no longer get a surprise with your electricity bill, learning to manage your consumption in a simple way.

Cable-free. Wireless system Accurate measurement
The entire system has been designed to monitor
information over wireless communications networks.
Nothing can come between Wibeee and you.
You may be thinking that such a simple installation could
result in loss of measurement accuracy, but that is not the case.
Wibeee has a minimal error percentage and so is able
to maintain the measuring guarantee that CIRCUTOR
units have always been known for.
Installing Wibeee
The installation of any electrical metering unit can be a complicated task as it requires wiring space and time.

Wibeee is extremely easy to install: in ten seconds it's done.

Our technology, which is attached via a clip, is based on the patented system DINZERO and consists of attaching
the unit easily to the cable or simply to the upper part of an MCB (miniature circuit breaker).
Once switched on, it will begin to convert the measured parameters into information
that can be sent via a wireless connection..

Wibeee installation - Video

S a f e t y - F i r s t ! ! !
- Any intervention in the control panel must be done by a licensed installer for safety reasons.
- For any questions, free of charge, your electrician can contact us.
- If you are not sure, please join us and with minimum cost estimate we will take on.