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While in the past, an electrical installation, was limited to the provision of electricity, today the transmission of complex data and information needs, increase a building's installation requirements.

The instabus EIB technique offers new innovative solutions. With this system all parts of an electrical installation can communicate with each other.
Investing in the instabus EIB technique we invest in creating smart and functional buildings, creating the conditions for buildings and homes that respond and adapt quickly and successfully to our every requirement.

What is the instabus EIB technique
It is a network of data processing (communication channel = Bus) through which all electrical points (sensors, consumption, etc.) are interrelated. This network allows communication without any restriction on the number of users or the frequency with which they can attempt to exchange messages between them.
The whole system is based on digital technology so the user can easily forward or receive information in any user, sensor, consumer or general electric point. The instabus EIB allows the designer maximum freedom in designing his installation.
It is time to forget the restricting conventional solutions, and give a unified comprehensive solution to the buildings needs. The instabus EIB potential is unlimited, and of course covers all needs for both small and large scale projects.
From small houses, hotels, schools, to large office complexes. Simple to install, easy to use, without maintenance problems, and open to future changes and expansions.

Instabus EIB installation details

Our company's technical department has designed and implemented installations for luxury homes and buildings based on the instabus EIB system, using smart electrical units programmed for multiple functions, communicating with each other via LAN Bus.

Our technical staff has undergone the required scheduled training and examination process and has been recognized as a member of EIBA (European Installation Bus Association - EIBA Partner). We can successfully undertake the programming and systems application for any project small or large scale.

It is important to note that there is no commitment of support from us towards any company.
Using the Open Protocol EIBA, we make our selections based on the best quality,
most complete driver, and of course the best prices.
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Since 1996 we are involved in automation devices.
The automations our company has successfully installed involve private housing
through to large scale office complexes, such as the TOYOTA Hellas office
complex of 8,600m2 coverage, and SIEMENS central offices in Greece.

Following your requirement analysis of your building the rest is up to us.
With the guarantee & project support from our company your Smart Building can become a reality.
It's important to know that in the end everything will operate as ordered without any ...surprises.
It's important to know that in the future your home will always be supported by experts and ofcourse ...with instant response.