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Company Objectives:
Design implementation, supply of building automations such as:
  • DEOS. Building Management System - BMS / BACnet
  • Circutor. Power measurement & control
  • MDT technologies GmbH. ...KNX World, smart building automations systems
  • Greengate. Lighting control and energy saving system, save lighting energy, harvest daylight. Applications: open plan offices.
  • iLight. Architectural lighting control.
    Applications: Large shopping centers, Cinemas, Multiplex, Hotels, Conference Halls etc.
  • Qbus. Smart home automations, control lights, heating, shades etc.
    Applications: housing, small retail.
  • EAE. busbar installations. Compact distribution system.
    Applications: Shopping malls, large scale projects
Each proposed automation results from the type of building (housing, retail, commercial, office) in combination with our client's requirements. Our company's primal goal is to decide upon the best and technically most correct solution for each and every project. Our collaboration with renowned foreign companies and our own in-depth knowledge of the most popular automation protocols guarantees to achieve maximum efficiency / cost ratio.

Building Energy Saving Systems such as:
  • Devices designed to aid the building with solar heating, thermal energy (solar home).
  • Central heating compensation systems. Applicable to any central heatin system, or individual heating device.
  • Autonomy to all types of heating systems (Autonomy to building with old heating systems).
  • Measuring systems: measuring thermal units, titration, measuring flow, measuring electricity.

Design implementation, and Supervision involving projects such as:
Based on the style and directions given to us by the client/company, we propose alternative solutions based on proper design criteria for any given individual space / site. Particular emphasis is given to the buildings morphology, its integration to the environment and its surroundings, as well as alternative proposals involving bioclimatic / smart building design.

Design implementation and Supervision for interior design projects such as:
  • New Branding for Chain Stores.
  • Franchise.
  • Retail Chain Stores.
  • Offices.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Interior renovations in private housing (from design right through to delivery)
In designing space for commercial use, we emphasize our efforts in providing "area performance" in the form of ergonomics, marketability/desired appearance as well as successfully and properly promoting the "given goods" ("winning" the customer), without neglecting the customer's given budget.