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With the aid of the latest technology specialised programs, modern equipment and experienced engineers we are able to develop even the most challenging designs & supervisions of electrical / mechanical installations regardless of size and/or complexity.

Our expertise spans out to the following studies :

Hydraulics :
Central hot water systems, solar panels, automations.
Sewage :
Concerning, buildings, housing complexes, public spaces.
Thermal Insullation :
Buildings, housing complexes, private housing.
Elevators/Lifts :
Mechanical, Hydraulic, for private use, professional use (lifting goods, vehicles etc).
Heating :
Single pipe.
Double pipe.
System Reverse-Return.
Floor Heating.
Heating Surfaces (KaRo Systems, Aquatherm.
Devices aided to enhance heating performance by exploiting thermal energy.
Distribution costs :
Buildings, housing complexes, private housing.
Fire Safety :
Passive Fire Protection.
Active Fire Protection System (Sprinkler, FM 200, CO2).
Fuel gas :
(Natural Gas - Liquid gas) systems connected to a distribution network or autonomous systems.
Electrical :
Analytical calculation of any electrical installation.
Electrical Substation / s (where / if necessary) calculation.
Full quantity calculation, specification of materials / components
Air-Conditon :
Calculating cooling loads in ASHRAE / Carrier.
Choosing the optimum air conditioning system for every specific project, taking into account all parameters: building use, installation costs, operating costs / maintenance.
The choice can be made by :
- Fan Coil.
- Fan Coil with pre-air conditioned air.
- Central air conditioning with air.
- Variable Refrigerant Volume System (VRV).
Lighting :
Complete design / Lighting components calculation : illuminance, luminance, glare, color / light temperature.
Application is for both indoor (eg office environment) and outdoor: street lighting, stadium lighting, special lighting / lighting monuments.
Our company uses the most advanced software programs(Calculux, DiaLux).
Soundproofing :
Detailed calculations per building, to meet acceptable - under building regulation - noise criteria, taking into account all the acoustic parameters relating to sound insulation and sound protection of the specific space.
PLC Implementation :
. Manufacturing / Production Process : Process analysis, finding the optimal production algorithm, followed by the programming of the equivalent capacity PLC. Transfer of Laptop-PLC program. Installation Start up.
. Residence. There are many automation applications for a home, which previously required a relay as well as complex wiring and due to costs were unmarketable for small scale projects. The PLC technology is so advanced as to be able to bring the convenience of automation to the modern home. Complicated actions, or sequences can be programmed in a responsible, comprehensive and trustworthy way. Typical applications include automatic watering, automatic interior lighting / outdoor lighting.
- Swimming Pools : Pool Specifications, electromechanical calculation studies, thermal studies combining solar collectors, automations