Horos SM S.A.

International General Terms and Conditions.

1. General.
These conditions apply in selling products or provide services by the company "Horos SM" S.A. to the customer.
The contract is the proforma or the invoice.
The date of the contract is the time of order confirmation by horos or the actual shipping/invoicing of goods (whichever first).
The date of the tax transaction (tax purposes) is the date of invoicing.
The customer considers reasonable the prices shown in documents by the company and unreservedly accepts the transaction and terms of sale mentioned herein. Deviations or modifications fit only if prior agreed by both parties in written form.
Although most care is exercised in presenting our range of goods and related descriptions, we cannot assume liability for possible image defects, technical product modifications and the constant availability of the complete range.
Our products are not suitable for use in medical or life-saving systems.
2. Orders, delivery times.
Horos Proformas, after the acceptance by the customer and confirmation of receipt by horos converted into orders binding for horos & the customer. Delivery times are binding for the company, extended in cases of force majeure (strikes, transport, holidays, company suppliers impediments etc.). The customer may cancel an order if the delay time lasts more than 30 business days.
The company is not liable for any incidental or consequential damage or loss of profits of the customer or a third party by delayed delivery.
If the customer does not respont to recieve the goods within 30 calendar days (from simple note/e-mail from the company), or fails to recieve the goods in the place of delivery shown in documents, the company can redirect the goods to another customer. Given discounts are not valid then, and company can invoice transportation, management, storage, operational costs to customer without any additional notice.
3. Payment & Delivery method.
In order for the company to start excecuting the order, downpayment 50% at least is required from the customer. The complete payment is done before the shipment of the goods. In any case ownership of products retained by company until their full payment.
The goods can be delivered to the customer (or to his choice transportation agency), free of charge, in company's transportation risk, in the area of Athens/Greece. The goods in any other case travel for the account and risk of the customer.
The customer may previously inform horos to supervise the condition of the goods at the time of loading in our warehouse, and/or ask for pictures after completion of loading in our warehouse.
If the customer has indicated delivery location other than his premisses (eg at the construction site) the customer is solely responsible that any person in the delivery site, the specific date, has authority to receive goods on behalf of the customer with a simple signature of this person. Horos give a lot of effort to assure deliveries but cannot crosscheck persons ID's names etc.
5. Warranty.
Customers shall inspect goods for defects on arrival. Apparent defects of goods delivered shall be notified in writing immediately after the goods have been received. Such notification shall be given in due time, i.e. within five workdays from receipt of the goods.
If any hidden defect is detected (hardware failure) shall be notified at once within five workdays from taking notice.
Items has warranty for two years from the date of invoice and is limited to replace the material at our headquarters. The company is not liable for any incidental or consequential damage or loss of profits of the customer or a third party due to faulty hardware.
The replacement material apply if the returned material is in good condition externally, unopened internally, not borken, wet, written, shorted, punched, burnt etc and in any case will be tested in the company's headquarters. Replacement material made with new material if the returned delivered to his original packing in perfect condition otherwise made to bulk material.
6. Offers, Returns of goods, deposits.
All offers, proformas are valid for maximum 20 calendar days. For orders with a net pricing less than 300,00 there are management costs. The customer in any case will be informed in advance.
Material returns is not accepted for any other reason exept warranty. Money refunds in any case cannot be done.
7. Pricelists
Pricelists can change by the Company without prior notice. The illustrations or characteristics in catalogs, internet pages, advertisements, photographs, promotional materials, technical brochures may vary due to changes of properties by the manufacturer.
8. Applicable Law / Place of Performance.
Courts to resolve any disputes arrising, if they can not be solved by compromise, agreed as only the courts of Athens/Greece and the only applicable law is Greek. Additional oral agreements have not been made.

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